Friday, November 30, 2007

Fave Foto Friday and 7 Weeks in PGN!

Okay, so today makes 7 weeks in PGN for us! We're hoping it's not long now!!! We are hoping and praying that we get a call between now and the next two weeks sometime that we are OUT! I am getting so anxious anticipating that phone call....I jump every time the telephone rings! LOL Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this very anxiety-ridden time!
These pics are from last night when we took the kids to the Picture People to have their photos made. I have to say that our experience there was AWFUL!!!!!!!!! I have never had a worse photo session! They did absolutely NOTHING to make the kids smile...I should have gotten paid last night for doing their job. This whole evening is a long story and currently I'm too bitter to tell it LOL, but let's just say I won't be visiting them again for awhile. These four pictures that we did get were basically free and that's the only reason that we got any. I do like their individual pictures...but then again, I pretty much like any pictures of my three sweeties!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Professional Pics

We took the kids last night to have their first set of professional photos made! They turned out really cute! I must say, for it to be Emmy's first time to have her pics taken, she did great! Dawson was a little charmer, as usual! And Daeton, well he's a ham and he now does this little thing where he twists his mouth's strange and cute and it's in almost all of his photos! We're taking the kids to have their pics taken again on Thursday night at a different studio, so maybe they can get one of Daeton smiling in true Daeton style!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Elf Babies

Here's my four little elf babies! It's almost that time to say, "Merry Christmas"! Click on the link and's too funny!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Pictures of Ella!

We got new pictures of our sweet baby girl today! What a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise! Ella is getting so big...I'm anxious to get our 4 month medical this month to really see how much she has grown! We miss you and love you so much, Ella!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fave Foto Friday and 5 Weeks In PGN!

Here's my fave foto for friday! This picture cracks me up as it is one of Emmy's many extremely stubborn looks she gives us when she doesn't want to do something. In this particular foto...she did NOT want to take any more pictures! Needless to say, she got her way, but the look of love here is priceless LOL. Emmy has a HUGE stubborn streak and has mastered the art of these little looks. Oh my, she's going to be so much like her mommy! LOL
Today marks week 5 in PGN for us! Woo Hoo! No kickout so far, so that is great! Our agency director is in Guatemala right now and she is supposed to get an update for us (and everyone else) as to where we are right now in PGN (which reviewers desk we are on). She will be back on Saturday, so hopefully early next week I will have an update for everyone about how far we are! We are hoping to be OUT of PGN in about 3 weeks, but who knows....could be sooner but could also be much longer, too! Keep praying everyone....we'll get this precious baby home yet!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fave Foto Friday and the BIg 4-week marker!

I LOVE this picture! This was taken the day we got to meet our baby Ella for the first time in GT! Ernie was so in awe at how tiny she was and he was so gentle and sweet with her...watching him with her was such a joy! I can't wait to go back and get her and bring her home to see daddy again!

Today makes 4 complete weeks in PGN for us! Woo Hoo! We got sort of an update this week and were told that we have not had any kick outs! Please join me in praying that we don't have any and that our thus far smooth case continues to sail through! Average PGN time is approximately 8-10 weeks (although lately I have been seeing several quick outs in less time than that) so if all goes well, we should be about half way through if not a little more! We are on the list for our agency to get an update for us the next time they call PGN. We should then know exactly what reviewers desk we are on and get a very rough estimate of how much longer to expect.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What a Crazy Weekend!

These are Dawson at his party on Saturday afternoon riding a horse!

Emmy loves the tree!

But she's not so thrilled about the Santa hat!

These are of the boys putting the tree up onSaturday night. You can see Daeton's IV hand in these.

Soon after starting, Daeton fell over somthing and was already hurt again! LOL

The kiddos dogpiling Ernie after putting the tree up Saturday night!

Here are the boys hard at work:

This is where Daeton decided to put ALL of the Garland that he had in his hand. I just LOVE the way he decorates! LOL

Here are a few pics of Daeton's favorite tree branches! Couldn't quite capture the full essense of how funnty this is on camera!

Daeton showing the camera his drink that we keep beside him at all times!

Dawson says he's "a little shy about his picture" so this is the only one Ernie could catch of him and his Santa hat.

Emmy watching the tree go up!

Hello All! We had one busy and crazy weekend! Here's a rundown of it all:

First off, I wanted to share this: Hmmm...I think it was Thursday or Friday and Dawson started reading!!!! Yes, that's right, my 4 year old is reading on his own! I cried when he read the first page of his book, but I'm so proud! He is so amazing!

Daeton didn't seem to feel well at all on Friday. He refused to eat anything and hardly drank anything, also. This isn't completely unusual for Daeton (Mr. Skin and Bones), but he didn't sleep well at all that night either. Saturday morning, my baby boy started throwing up and continued to do so about five or six times in the course of 1.5 hours and he was just drained of any color in him at all. For those of you who have known us for awhile, you know the scare we had with him last year, so this was very concerning to us on Saturday. He was also very limp and listless and that's just not Daeton. We decided to take him to Urgent Care. We expressed our concern (they wanted us to make an appt. for that afternoon and come back and we said No Way!) and they said they would work him in. They did some lab work and found out Daetons bicarb level was 14! Normal is 22-32! This basically means that he was very dehydrated! His bloodsugar was also borderline low due to having nothing in him for the last 24-48 hours. They hooked my poor baby up to an IV machine and pumped some life back into him! This started about 10am. Dawson had a birthday party to go to at 2pm so Ernie left the clinic and took Daws to his bday party. It was a big deal as it was at a horse stable and he got to ride horses for the very first time! He had lots of fun! Around 5pm, they decided Daeton could go home as he was doing much better! They did cap the IV off and leave it in his hand so that they could recheck him the next day and give him more fluids if they needed to. Daeton, being in better spirits, decided to use his IV hand as club the rest of the evening and had a good time with it hitting Dawson! (Needless to say, I think Dawson was just as excited to see that thing come off of Daeton's arm as Daeton was! LOL Who knew a kid could use an IV as a weapon? LOL) Daeton and Dawson helped daddy put up our Christmas tree on Saturday evening. Yes, we know it's early, but this we we'll get to enjoy it more! LOL

Sunday afternoon, I took Daeton in to have him rechecked. You could just tell my looking at him that he was doing much better! Still wasn't eating as we'd hoped, but we were (and still are) pushing the lemon-lime gatorade like crazy in hopes that he would stay hydrated. We did get the okay and they removed the IV from his arm. He was such a happy camper to have that thing out! Then, the rest of Sunday we hung out at home (still don't think Daeton is completely 100% yet, but HUGELY improving) and hung Christmas decorations and decked out the tree! Daeton was so funny putting ornaments on the tree cause he hung like every ornament we have him on one of two branches! It was hysterical, but I had to do a little rearranging after he went to bed! LOL We had so much fun! Check out the pics! You can see Daeton's club in the ones from Saturday night!