Friday, April 25, 2008

Fave Foto Friday-Spring Has Sprung

Okay, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon and joining the themed Fave Foto Friday group! Each week, Sara has a theme for Friday on her blog This week, the theme is Spring Has Sprung! We love spring around here as it allows my wild, rambunctious (sp.? don't know, who know what I mean) children to go outside and get there energy out. They sleep so well at night afterwards, too! Winter is hard as the boys are getting older and they have SO MUCH energy that they end up doing laps around our downstairs if they are inside all day...seriously, they do. Spring also means the beginning of soccer which we love! So, here are some recent pics of the boys outside burning some energy and of Dawson's soccer game last Saturday. I don't have too many pics of the girls outside yet this year, but I'm going to work on getting some! Don't worry, I promise new Emmy and Ella pics are coming soon! Enjoy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Daterbug Materbug

My little Dater Mater is 2.5 years old...he'll turn 3 this summer. I can't belive how much he has grown over the last year! He is still a skinny little guy, but he's tall and he's becoming more and more of a preschooler every day. Daeton is so cute right now as his vocabulary is beginning to really take off. He is saying lots of new and big words and using long sentences, but he still sounds so much like a toddler when he talks that EVERYTHING he says is just so darned CUTE!!! Sometimes, even when he's saying or doing something he's not supposed to it's way too adorable and I have to turn my head and laugh to myself. Currently, he is absolutely obsessed with telling anyone and everyone who will listen that "My names is Daeton Mayson Matteo Sozio". Daeton is a smart little boy, too. He knows all of his letters and LOVES to sing the ABC's!!! He sings it all the time, trust me! LOL He is even beginning to write a few of the letters. Daeton knows all his colors and shapes and can draw several shapes. He knows his numbers and can count, but getting him to do it is a rarity. He is VERY excited as he will be starting preschool next year also! Daeton's attention span is on the smaller side (especially when compared with his brother's) so getting him to sit still to do things can be a challenge..but that's just Daeton, it always has been. He is a BUSY child and loves to play! Daeton likes to play games, but half way through, he's done and has moved on to something else! He's not much of a tv watcher and a cartoon may hold his interest for a while, but rarely does he sit and watch one all the way through. Daeton can usually be found playing Thomas or playing cars, but he does LOVE coloring pictures and drawing also. He is very into sports and tries to play with Dawson, and he's very excited to begin soccer this coming fall! Recently, Daeton has just become pretty much fully potty trained and we are so so proud of him! He's very proud of himself also and reminds us all the time that he's a "big boy" now. Daeton is just a sweet, cuddly, charming little boy. He's very much a Mama's boy and cries for me to read to him at night. He cuddles up in my arms in the mornings or after naps or when he's tired and just wants to be loved on. He's a very sensitive child and if I'm ever upset he's the first one to run to me and say, "it's otay mama!". He'll pat the girls' backs if they cry and he's usually the first to give in any an agrument with Dawson. He's got such a tender heart and it's just precious. Daeton ADORES Dawson and he goes around constantly saying things like, "Hey Daws" or "Wait for Daws" or "Where's Daws?". He loves his little sisters like crazy, too, and he tries to play with them but, bless his heart...he just hasn't figured out how not to be rough yet! LOL We have to constantly remind him to "be gentle". He's working on it He's a wonderful big and little brother. Daeton does have a little wild streak in him, though, and usually pushes the limits to see what he can get away with. He's got this little grin and when you see it you know he's up to something! Generally with Daeton, he finds a way to get what he wants regardless of what we say! LOL Daeton has been my shy one in the past, although recently he is beginning to come out of his shell a bit, but he is still slow to warm up to unfamilier people and places. He can be very quiet and thoughtful at times, but Daeton is a FUNNY child and is constantly making somebody laugh and then asking, "Am I funny?" He is. He's a child that changes from day to day...his favorite colors change daily, his favorite tv characters change constantly, and his favorite foods change from meal to meal. Generally he is somewhat passionate about whatever his favorite thing of the day is, too. The only exception is Thomas the Tank Engine whom he has adored for a long time. Daeton is a true work of art and he is just an EXTRAORDINARY little boy. I can always count on him for a hug and a laugh...two things I couldn't do without! He challenges me all the time to look at life in new and different ways, to explore the fun in everything, and to love unselfishly! Here are some pics of my cute little guy...

And the winner is......

The Play-A-Round Frontier Fort!!!! Okay, so this isn't one that I even listed earlier, but we just found it and we think it's what we've been looking for. I wish we could see it set up, but we have to order it so it should be here in 4-6 weeks. This set is a bit more high end than the others we looked at and quite a bit more expensive, but it has a TON more activities for the kids along with a full size picnic table. It's also made of a kind of wood that is splinter-free, rot resistent, chemical free, and maintence free which are great things in our book. Also, the reviews I read on this one said that assembly was easy compared to most other playsets I read about, so Ernie loved that!!! (We also looked at Rainbow playsets which are installed for you and we LOVED those, but in the end decided they were just too expensive.) The boys are SO excited and can't wait until it's all set up and ready to play on!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Dawsy

So I've decided that over the next few days, I will pick a day and just concentrate on giving a detailed update on one child at a time. So often, I quickly skim the big picture of how things are going and lump all 4 kiddos together, but as in life, they each deserve moments all their own. So, since Dawson is my eldest, I'll begin with him. My little Dawsydander is now 4.5 years old. He is growing more and more into a little boy every day and is less and less of a toddler/preschooler. He amazes me with some of the things that he says and does....I find myself watching him thinking, "holy cow...when did he grow up?"....even though I know he has a long ways to go, he just seems so big these days (he has begun using words like "like" and "totally" and he calls Daeton "bud"). Dawson is honestly the smartest child I have ever seen. Literally. He is already reading and writing. He spells many, many words and reads things that I still don't think she should be able to. He has also started doing some math (loves doing addition and subtraction as well as working on telling time and counting money). Smart, smart, smart little boy....he never fails to amaze me every, single day with something. He loves preschool and is becoming social butterfly, as well. He talks about all of his friends at school and his teacher says he gets along and plays with everyone. (We got his first "report card" back last week and the only thing that he needs to work on is cutting...we don't do so much of that around here, but we've been working on it.) He is also playing spring soccer and is loving that, too. He hustles every time he is out there playing whether it be practice or a game. Dawson actually scored a goal in his first game a couple of weeks ago. We were so proud!!!!! Dawson is a WONDERFUL big brother and has welcomed his new little sisters with so much love this past year and he is his little brother's very best friend. He is a HUGE help to me all the time and always gets diapers or holds bottles or basically does whatever I need an extra set of hands to do. And the amazing part is, he is always happy to do it...never complains....I know I say it a lot, but, he really, really is such an AMAZING child! He is full of compassion and kindess for others. Dawson is wise beyond his years and posesses an inner wisdom and intuition in regards to people that goes beyond just being smart. He is very responsible and knows what he is and isn't supposed to do fact, he's put HIMSELF in time out twice this week!!! LOL Ernie and I laughed both times and told him that although he was right and shoudn't have done what he did (at least once it was hit Daeton) but he didn't have to sit in time out. He really is the sweetest, most loving thing and has become a complete charmer (kind of like his brother). He still loves being cuddled and often asks me to come up and cuddle with him at naptime or bedtime. Dawson loves watching any sort of game show or sports program on tv (basically any form of competition). He loves playing all kinds of board games and card games. He is a child of consistency and once he says something he sticks with it..he STILL loves Blues Clues....his fave colors are STILL green and black...and he still insists (and has for awhile) that he is going to be a teacher when he grows up. He is the most ticklish child EVER and he is a talker...nonstop!!!!...but the cool thing is that he is a great listener, too. And, he is just plain fun! Dawson is a such beautiful child, both inside and out. He truly inspires me to not only be a better mommy, but also a better person every single day. He is such a beautiful child, both inside and out. Here are some some pics of my beautiful little boy...