Sunday, June 22, 2008

Worlds of Fun!

So last weekend was our big Worlds of Fun trip to Kansas City. After driving through a TERRIBLE storm on Thursday night to get there, the rest of the trip was smooth sailing and so much fun! We stayed in at the Worlds of Fun Resort in a little cabin and the boys LOVED it. It had a little loft that they could crawl up on and they thought that was awesome! Both boys had a blast at Worlds of Fun on Friday! Dawson was ready to ride any and every ride they would let him on. He rode some that I still won't ride cause I'm afraid of them! Daeton couldn't ride as much and definately didn't want to ride as much...he was way more hesitant and really probably wouldn't have ridden much if I hadn't persuaded him. He ended up liking most all of the rides though. Dawson says his favorite ride was the Scrambler (ah..a boy after my own heart) and Daeton says his favorite was the Merry-Go-Round (simple and sweet just like him!). After spending the whole day (literally from 10am to 10pm) at Worlds of Fun on Friday, the boys were tuckered out! They both slept until 9am on Saturday morning! We kind of spent Saturday goofing around and just hanging out. We had lunch at our all time FAVORITE spot in KC...The Pizza Shoppe and then drove over to Oakpark Mall for some Disney and Gymboree shopping and a carosel ride. Then we had an early dinner at the Rainforest Cafe before heading home to pick up our sweet girls (they stayed with my mom). Unfortunately, after the first half of the day at Worlds of Fun on Friday my camera ran out of batteries and I forgot to charge them that night, so all of my pics are from Friday am....but I do have lots! So, here they are in no particular order....

My dad and the boys wrestling on the bed during what was supposed to be nap time....

Daeton waiting with Papa for the train....

Dawson and Daeton on the train as it was taking off...

We rode the train not too long after lunch on Friday and my poor little guy was sooooo sleepy. He ended up falling asleep sitting up on the train! We know he must have been extra tired as Daeton LOVES trains.....

Daeton sleeping...

I wanted a picture of the boys together during lunch and Daeton did not want to look at me at all...he was having way too much fun playing the jukebox at the table. My poor Dawson though wanted me to get that picture, bless his heart. He tried so hard to make Daeton "cooperate".

My dad and the boys eating lunch. Dad ordered some fries and Daeton decided they were "his fries". My dad kept teasing him and trying to take them, but Daeton was NOT messing around...nobody was to touch HIS fries! Dawson, my little sweetie, kept trying to get one out and give it to Papa to help him.

I told my dad to smile for a picture with Dawson and this is the look he gave me! LOL So typical of Papa!

Daeton eating the last of HIS fries! LOL

The boys riding the Kiddie cars...they rode these several times.

Daeton and Dawson riding the boats...they said there were sharks in the water! LOL

Dawson riding the ladybugs...

Daeton in the ladybugs!

Riding the Kangaroos!

Sweet Dawson waiting on his pizza...

They had this giant ball house with three levels full of balls and ball guns and ball canons....the boys (including my dad and Ernie) had SO MUCH fun in there! Dawson and Daeton were all over the place climbing up and down chasing balls...

Daeton riding the airplanes...
Dawson entertaining the idea of another picture...
Dawson and his new friend on Woodstock's Airmail...he and this little girl (whose name just happened to be Ella) rode this together over and over and over and over....he referred to her the rest of the day as "my new friend".

Daeton waving to me from the horseys....
Dawson on the kiddie roller coaster...he really liked this!
Daeton rode the kidde ferris wheel alone while Dawson was on the roller coaster. My poor boy decided he didn't like being in there alone after it started and everytime his car went by I could see the look of fear on his face and his lips saying "I'm done with this ride"! His face is the little tiny one in the green cart. He rode it again with Dawson later and liked it much better!
Dawson with Snoopy. Daeton would not get near him but was happy waving from a distance.
Dawson and Daeton riding the swings.
Me and the boys on the Camp Bus.
The boys riding the Krazy Kars! Dawson LOVED these that he could drive and rode them several times. Daeton rode them once, but had trouble with the driving part (notice the guy that works there trying to help him).
The boys playing in the loft at the cabin.

The boys and Ernie on the Merry-go-Round...

Daeton getting ready for one of his first ride of the day...the Flying Boats!

Dawson and Daeton watching a movie in bed at the cabin! What a fun day! Thanks, Dad!