Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

Three years ago, my sweet Daeton Mayson Matteo was born. It seems like we brought him home from the hospital yesterday...I can't believe it's been three years! Daeton, you've grown into such a sweet, happy, loving and cuddly little boy! Mommy and Daddy are so incredibly proud of you. You are smart and kind. You're such an awesome brother! You make us laugh and learn everyday and we love you so incredibly much! You are an amazing little boy! Happy Birthday, buddy! All of our Love,
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I tried to post a couple pics of Daeton's race car birthday party (we just had a few people over and it was very small...but Daeton loved it), but blogger is not letting me post them. If I can figure out how, I will post them later this week.--I did finally get the pic of Daeton and his cake to load..but it won't let me put on any more right now. I have several more cute ones, so I'll try again later!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Trip to KY

So.....we just got back less than a week ago from our very fun trip to Kentucky. What a blast it was!!! After an incredibly long 8 hour trip there (with our 4 little ones, the 8 hour trip was longer than 8 hours) we arrived in the big metropolis of Garfield, KY where I finally got to meet, Melody, one of my very bestest friends (yes, she was one of my bestest friends even before I met her in person) whom I met through Emmy's adoption. Mel and Joe have a daughter the same age as Emmy (actually 2 weeks younger) and two boys around the same ages as Dawson and Daeton--Canaan (her oldest) is 5 and Liam (her younger one) is 3. The boys had a BLAST together and the girls...well, they looked at each other a few times. LOL They are still so little. Mel and Joe live on a farm and boy did we have some new experiences...the boys rode a four-wheeler for the first time (yes, I just about had a heart attack...but what are ya gonna do, they LOVED it), we went on a "hayless hayride" and got to see tons of cows (or "Goggies" as Emmy insisted) up close and personal, and the boys had a one hec of a time shooting some sort of air rocket thingy that Joe constructed....Joe is a hoot with all the CRAZY things he and his boys do!! My boys may be begging to move to the country soon, but it ain't gonna happen! LOL Have I mentioned we had so much fun?!? Even Ernie, who is definately not a country boy either, had a great time. My only terrible memory of the our whole visit was from Monday when Mel and I took the day and went into town by ourselves. It was super fun (and great just to get to hang out with her without somebody screaming "mommy" every 1.4 seconds). We had lunch and did some shopping...and then she decided to take me and show me the cute little house that she and Joe used to live in (before they built their beautiful new house). So, we're out on this country road getting ready to turn this corner and out of the corder of my eye I see something black on the, being the city dweller that I am, just thought it was tire rubber or whatever...I see that all the time. So, as we turn the actual corner and I'm looking out my window, I notice that the tire rubber has eyes and a little tongue...and OH MY was, well, you know what it was.....okay, I'll write it...a SNAKE! I screamed and had to practice some deep breathing skills...holy cow...Mel said they used to come in her house!!!! Now, I"m sure many of you are laughing right now thinking, "what's the big deal?"....but I can't even fathom seeing a snake in my yard let alone curled up under my cabinet!!!! (As I told Mel..I'm kind of an terrified of most insects/critters....I really don't do snakes, but also not spiders, roaches, ants, grasshoppers, definately don't do mice and the list goes limited list of insects that are okay contain butterflies, lightning bugs, and ladybugs. And I'll tolerate flies cause I have to. LOL...Laugh if you must, I care not..this is how it is in Timberly's world.) Anyway, I'm working on repressing the vision of that thing.
Anyway, Mel and guys and your kiddos and your whole family (I feel like we met a lot of them!) are truly so AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to come back again someday and visit can't wait for you to come see us...we love you guys bunches!!!!

Here are all 7 kiddos on our last day there. Getting a picture of all 7 of them looking at the camera, let alone smiling, was NOT going to this is the best we could do.

Here are the three girls together. Don't they look thrilled? LOL Evangeline (in the middle) towers over my girls...and Emmy is two weeks older than she is!

All four sweet boys! Aren't they adorable?

Me and Mel...aren't we adorable, too? LOL

Canaan (Mel's oldest) wanted to take a pic of me and Ella with my camera, so I said okay....and by golly, it turned out pretty good! Thanks, Canaan!!!

Emmy cheesin' it up for the camera...she LOVES having her picture taken. If she even sees the camera, she'll reach for and say "picture, picture" and then when you oblige to taking the picture, this is what you get.....LOL So, maybe it's fake...but it's so darned cute, too!!!!

Joe and Ernie

Emmy cheesin' again...

Sweet Ella

Five of the Seven kids..minus Daeton and Liam

Daeton and Liam probably getting into something they shouldn't! LOL

Dawson and Canaan were fast friends! By our last day there, they were holding was so cute! Dawson is already asking when we get to go back and see Canaan.

Daeton in the kitchen

Here is what we saw a lot of on the hayless hayride.....

This is SO Ella.....walking around with a goofy look on her dirty face (I think she'd been eating dirt actually) handing me a doll.

My little Ella-bell...

Emmy cheesin' again...

Daeton playing outside...oh how my boys loved their gingantic yard and their gigantic swingset

Me with my girls on the porch swing

On Sunday, Mel had a cookout and many of my online friends (or as Ernie refers to them when I'm chatting "your girls") came with their adorable kiddos also from GT. This picture has all their girls in it: Ella, Evangeline, Kaya, Tianna, and Emmy. (And Canaan on the side making sure all was well....he loves those babies and is going to make one hec of a good babysitter one day soon.)

Emmy on the swing


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Okay, so....

I didn't get my trip pics on today, but I will get them on tomorrow. Still waiting on a few pics to be put on a cd so I can dowload them to my computer. We had a crazy and exhuasting day today (hints the reason I'm posting after midnight) so I didn't get the chance to get them all done. Check again SOON...they're coming, I promise.

Saturday, August 2, 2008's been a long time!

Holy it's been a month since I've updated this! We have been super busy....but I know a month is too long! Since I last updated, so much has been going on. We celebrated Miss EllaT's FIRST birthday a few weeks ago. We just had a small party with some friends and family and lots of chocolate cake and playing outside. I don't think Ella had a clue that the day was just for her, but she did enjoy it. We actually had Ella's party on Ernie's birthday, so that was fun. After her party, we cleaned up and went out for his birthday dinner. The boys have had tons of fun on the new playset outside and the girls are getting the hang of climbing on it, too! A few days after Ella's party, we packed up and headed to Nebraska to see Ernie's parents. We had a blast and got to go see Thomas while we were there,too. Okay, so we weren't extremely impressed with the train ride on Thomas, but the idea was fun. Then, we came home from Nebraska, washed clothes, and packed up to head to KY to go to the KAS (our adoption agency) summer picnic and hang out with our AWESOME friends the Clarks! Oh let me tell you we had SO MUCH FUN! The kids had SO SO SO MUCH FUN! We actually just got home a couple of days ago and are still exhausted, but we're trying to catch up on our rest....which isn't easy as we've been running around restocking our house with groceries and going school shopping (tax free weekend here!) and visiting Mimi and Papa getting signed up for soccer. much to do! Well, we have TONS AND TONS of pictures to share from all of our festivities. The pictures below are from Ella's party and just some fun ones of the boys goofing off and playing outside. Tomorrow I will upload all of our pictures from our KY trip (and there are A LOT and I am STILL uploading pictures to my computer) and the few I have from our Day Out with Thomas. I promise with a capital P that I will upload them tomorrow......don't worry, it won't be another month again! LOL