Friday, February 27, 2009

Fave Foto Friday

Are they cute or what???

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We got our wish!

So, I mentioned in my last post that we were all itching to go outside, and someone up there must have heard cause today was BEAUTIFUL! Ernie ended up coming home and taking Ella to the doctor this afternoon (and it is confirmed that she has yet another ear infection....and we've been referred to an ENT with her), and the other kiddos and I headed outside after nap (Emmy actually napped through part of this time and came outside when she got up)! Yea! It was so nice for them to be able to run off all their energy and climb and play! Here's some pictures from our day. And of course, the pictures are actually backwards because I forget that the last pictures I upload on blogger end up at the top....oh well, you get the idea.

Ella came home with Daddy and had a little bit of time to play outside, too, before dinner.

She LOVES the slide! Action shot of her landing at the bottom.

She's such a brave girl. Of course, she loves any sort of thrilling/dangerous the big slide is right up her alley. She goes down all by herself!

Getting ready to slide!

Sweet Dawson amusing his mother and smiling for the eight hundredth time today.

Daeton loves to swing....almost as much as Emmy.

Dawson and Daeton on the tire swing. They have figured out how to spin themselves silly all by themselves!

Taking a break from the spinning.

Break over....back at it again!

Okay, Emmy went right to the swing when she came out and we had a VERY hard time prying her out of it! LOL


Have I mentioned this kid LOVES the swing?

The three amigos on their swings. Emmy was actually still waking up in this picture, otherwise she'd be smiling like a lunatic like in the ones above.

Dawson is such an amazing big brother. I was chasing Emmy and I look over to see Dawson pushing Daeton on the swing! He's only 5, folks....but he's so patient and kind to his siblings!

Emmy showing the world her tummy!

This was right after Emmy woke up and came outside....still waking up, I think.

My little football boy!

Not sure what he was doing here, but he looks way more serious in this shot than Daeton ever looks!

Playing football!

Cheesing for mommy!

They loved getting out and just running today. It was so nice!

Contemplating his next move....

I'm telling you, this kid has an arm! I told him he was going to be a quarterback (thinking that was a good thing, right?) and he got all upset. Apparently, he wants to be a wide reciever. Go figure.

Daeton right after he went outside.

Earlier today, Ella waiting on Daddy to pick her up for her appointment.

And now....they're all in their beds fast asleep! Beautiful day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Picture Update

I'm going to try and get some updated pictures on here over the next few days (as I realize you have all probably forgotten what we look like.....and in fact, the kids are getting so big they may not even look the same!). As far as what's happening here right now, not much! LOL We're all tired of winter and are SO SO SO anxious for spring and warmer temperatures so we can go PLAY OUTSIDE! We've all been rather sick this winter and we think Ella is now battling her third ear infection in the last two months (planning on taking her to the doc this week to get it checked out). I'm thinking 'tubes, here we come'! Anyway, here are some newer (not the newest) photos of the kids over the last few weeks.

Daeton playing with the Mr. Potato Heads that they got for Christmas! He loves them (and so do!

Daeton at one of Dawson's basketball games. He keeps asking when he gets to play! The little girl in the background is his 'girlfriend'...or so he says. LOL

Daeton eating a CARROT! OK folks...this is a BIG kids (exception of Ella) DON'T eat veggies (unless french fries count)! I had to take a picture of this monumental event!

The boys and Ernie brought me home these flowers one night after they'd been to the store! It was so cute! They both loved to smell them!

Dawson building a giant magneato structure. He's so good at putting stuff together like this! I was impressed!

Dawson is a Diet Coke fanatic! LOL

Dawson at a basketball game. I'll have more basketball pictures of him to come soon! This Saturday is actually his last game! He's a great little player...he scored 2 baskets in the last game!

Emmy eating a lollipop! Emmy LOVES her some suckers (I won't write how she says it, but it sounds very similar to sucker starting with the letter f....LOL...funny and scary at the same time). She also calls her socks "fockers"! LOL Makes me chuckle.

Emmy in her princess chair from Grandma and Grandpa.

Happy Emmy!

Ella in her Elmo chair from Grandma and Grandpa!

Happy Ella!

Ella carries her baby around EVERYWHERE! She also puts her babies in her pots and pans in the kitchen (as well as in her play microwave) and appears to cook them! No clue....

They're growing aren't they? I'll update again soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WHOA....I have a blog????

Okay, I'm back! I'm guessing almost nobody still checks this blog anymore after my...oh, let's see, 6 month hiatus, but if by chance someone does still peek in now and then, let it be known that....I'M BACK!!!! In my full glory! LOL Yipppeeee! LOL I do apologize for taking a rather long unplanned and unannounced blogging break, but can I just say that it's been a REALLY ROUGH six months. I'm going to leave it at that for now. I'll try to catch everyone up (everyone being anyone who still looks at this) little by little as quickly as I can, but we've had an extremely hard few months. We appreciate all the prayers that have been sent our way (and that are still being prayed). I will try to update again later this week as I have more time (so stay tuned), but for now I wanted to pop in and let the world know that we're still here and update with a few recent pictures of my beautiful brood. Aren't they getting big???

My beautiful, sweet boys. No idea why Daeton is posing with the remote! LOL

Daeton making himself a sandwich. He's quite the little chef and LOVES to help!

Dawson drinking his Root Beer at McAllister's Kid's Night. He loves Root Beer and Diet Coke! LOL

My gorgeous, giddy girls that are on the GO, GO, GO-it's almost impossible to get them to sit together long enough to get a picture let alone get both of them smiling at the same's work....

Emmy cheesing it up on the front porch! She knows what to do in front of a camera!

Ella sending herself down the slide at the park! She LOVES any kind of thrill ride!

P.S.-For a limited time, I have updated the very special music on our blog to the current Sozio favorite in our house (thanks to my brother)! Everyone, including the girls, sing it (and dance to it) all the time! LOL Get down and get funky, ya'll!