Friday, March 13, 2009

Fave Foto Friday...My little carnivore

Actually, Ella doesn't really love all meat this much, but for some reason, she sure loved her these ribs! LOL I've never actually had a great post for these pics, but I love them, so here they are. Ella loves ribs and fried chicken (and she's somewhat fond of bologne)....last time she had fried chicken, she started gnawing....I really wasn't paying attention and when I looked at her a few minutes later, she had eaten part of the bone (wish I had a pic of that)! I'm telling you, this girl is like a cave man! LOL Also, I've got a few more pics of the last day of our trip to Dallas and I'll try to get them up over the weekend so be on the lookout for those. In the meantime, Bon appetit!

My happy rib-loving baby!

I love the way the saliva is just rolling down her chest! LOL Yummy!

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