Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Howdy from Texas!

Well, this is actually our last night in Texas, and most of us are so sad to be leaving (I think Ernie is secretly happy because he HATES driving down here! LOL). We've been hanging out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the last 5 days and it has been a blast! We got here on Friday evening and checked in at our hotel. Early Saturday morning, we got the kiddos up and dressed and took them to see their surprise.....the Imagination Movers concert! They had no idea they were going and they LOVED it! Hec, I LOVED it! It was a really neat show and the Movers were awesome! They even came out into the audience and interacted with the crazy Mover-loving kids! Dawson and Daeton danced and sang...they were so into it! The first thing Dawson said when it was over was, 'When can we come back again?' After the concert, we headed to the Fort Worth Zoo for the rest of the day. It was a really nice zoo....you can really see their animals! I hate how some zoos make you want binoculars to see anything...Ft. Worth's zoo was really neat cause all the animals were very close! After we wore ourselves out there, we headed back to Dallas for a good meal at one of our fave places, On the Border, and went back and crashed at our hotel. Sunday, we hung out at the pool all morning. Ella went for her very first swim (too bad mommy forgot the camera in the room), but she hated it! Emmy is a little waterbug and LOVES the water, and of course, Dawson and Daeton love it, too....although poor skinny Daeton was shivering like crazy after awhile (it was cold in that darned water). Sunday night, we met up with one of my bestest friends from high school and her sweet family for dinner at a super fun pizza place. I'm such a genius that although I had my camera, I completely got so busy talking and catching up, I didn't take any pictures! On Monday, we headed back to Fort Worth and took the kiddos to the Fort Worth Science Center. They are currently renovating their building, so they had most of their stuff crammed into a smaller space in a different building....it was fun, but felt a little tight. The kids liked it though! Daeton was so funny...they had a play grocery store set up for the kids to play in. They had plastic food (fruit, veggies, meat, fish, cheese, etc.) to put in the carts. Daeton gathered up all of the fish (I mean ALL of them) and parked himself on the floor right in the middle of the play grocery store space and played his favorite game 'fish tank'. I don't even think it dawned on him that the play fish were meant to be part of the groceries (he would never dream of eating his fishies). It was funny...many people had to walk over him and his fish tank. After the Science Center, we packed up and headed back to Allen to hang out some more with Nicole and her family. Nicole has two of the most adorable children I've ever seen and Dawson made FAST friends with her daughter Ally. In fact, they've already planned a playdate for next week when their family will be in Spfld! And, little does Nicole know, but Dawson told us tonight that he planning on having his next birthday party in Dallas at HER house! LOL Too funny! Anyway, we had a great time visiting and catching up, and by the time we got back to the hotel Monday night, the kids were completely worn out. This morning, we got up and drove back to Ft. Worth and visited the Stockyards. It was a really neat experience! The kiddos all got their very own cowboy hats! We went through a really neat maze which was TONS of fun and got to see a cattle drive! After a long day of shopping and snacking (on really delicious fudge) and petting horses, we drove back to Dallas and went to eat at my blogger buddy Candy's recommendation California Pizza Kitchen! We had never been there and all I can say is YUMMO! Both boys ate every bite of their pizza (which is amazing) and I LOVED my tortilla soup! The girls' mac and cheese some of the best kid's mac and cheese I've ever tasted, too! We got the kids sundaes for dessert and Dawson proclaimed it to be the very best thing he's eaten in a long time (it really did look good!). LOL Now, we're back and the kiddos are all asleep and Ernie and I are working on packing for our drive home tomorrow...yuck...I hate the drive home. We may get up and go to the aquarium before we drive back (but we may not) and we're also thinking of taking the kiddos to this really cool McDonald's to eat lunch at (it's in the shape of a giant happy meal box...how cool is that!). But for now, here's some photos of most of our trip! It's been so much fun, and as always when we're on a vacation, I hate to come home, but duty calls! However, according to Dawson, we'll be coming back to Dallas often! LOL

Just a wacky pic of the girlies eating lunch in our suite! They are so goofy!

Here's E and the boys in their seats waiting for the Movers show to begin! The boys still didnt' know what was going on!

The girls waiting for the Movers!

Their faces when the Movers came onto the stage! Can you tell Dawson was excited?!? LOL

Our Fave....the Imagination Movers! Woo Hoo!

Emmy dancing and playing on the floor during the concert.

The boys were dancing like crazy in the aisles!

Aren't they cute?

After the concert, posing with their t-shirts and the poster.

Ella on the way into the zoo!

Emmy eating her snack while we walked in the zoo!

The boys among the flowers.

My boys

Dawson was puzzled about something here, but not sure what. He's always our little navigator.

Some of our fave animals....the gorilla....

...the gorilla was as big as Daeton...

...the orangetang (or however you spell it), ask E about his special story on this guy....

...the zebra...Emmy's favorite....

...the elephant...

...the tiger....Daeton's favorite...

The girls at the end of the day. The zoo can really wear you out!

The boys walking back towards us from getting their pennies.

The boys with their new pinchers.

The kids inside a caboose outside of the pizza place. That's Dawson's new best friend inside with them!

Daeton playing with the phone in the Science Center.

For some reason, all the kids loved this doorbell on the playhouse...they rang it over and over and over....

Dawson getting his groceries.

Daeton getting his groceries...before he saw the fish...

Ringing up his purchase.

Dawson checking himself out...he really liked the play grocery store.

And at this point, we'd lost Daeton to the fish tank.

Oh my, how my boy LOVES his fish!

Dawson still grocery shopping.

Ella was pretty excited about the grocery store, too. She loved taking all the food out of the bins and then putting it all back in! LOL

Ella buying a banana!

E being the checker for Dawson.

Still playing fish tank...

Don't be fooled, Ella is small, but she can run. And she was running in circles pushing that cart!

Ella in the playhouse!

Both girls loved climbing up and down the steps to the playhouse. Ella fell down them a couple of times, but she didn't care!

Ella playing tea party.

More ringing of the doorbell.

Dawson playing house.

Climbing the steps again.

Not the best pic of any of the kids, but thought it was funny that you can see Daeton giving the fish some tea. LOL

He held the fish while building in the house.

And he wanted the fish to play tea party with Emmy.

The fish ringing the doorbell.

Emmy playing tea party. I love the sweet expression on her face!

Daeton building with the blocks (in a completely different part of the building)...notice what's laying on the other side of his arm....LOL

Dawson's space station that he built.

Daeton and Dawson working away.

Emmy sitting on a pony....not a real one..but it thrilled her nonetheless!

The girls in their new cowgirl hats at the Stockyards!

My little cowboys!

Dawson punching his card in the maze.

Daeton punching his card in the maze.

My honey and me in the maze...Dawson took this picture..did a pretty good job, too!

My girl, Ella.

My girl, Emmy!

My four little cowpokes and me!

My babies in their new hats!

So cute!

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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