Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just a Short Update

The boys' vaccinations went fine yesterday. Ernie took them both and he said Dawson didn't even know when they put the shot in this time. Daeton, on the other hand, didn't do as well this time as he did last time. Of course, if you were poked the crazy amount of times Daeton was last time, you'd probably be scared out of your mind, too, if you had to go back. Daeton's leg appears to be very sore again, and I'm not sure if it's the vaccine or the antibiotics, but I think he is having side effects of one or the other (or maybe both). He's not eating well at all, and is having some bathroom issues (if you know what I mean). Please pray for both boys during the next few weeks as they recieve their vaccinations, but especially for Daeton as one or both of the meds. is apparently giving him some trouble. Their next round of shots will be on Wednesday!

ETA: Daeton is doing much better today! He seems to have a bit of his appetite back, had more energy, and was acting more like himself! Praise God! Now, we'll see how he does on Wednesday after the next round of shots. If you think of us between now and then, please keep praying!

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