Friday, March 20, 2009

My Fave Foto Friday Pics of our last day in TX!

Here are some of our pics from the last day of our trip...sorry, they are kind of in backwards order. We didn't leave TX until around lunch time. We took our time that morning packing and hanging out in the room. Then, we took the kiddos to eat at this really cool looking McDonald's (much cooler on the outside than on the inside, but cool nonetheless). We let the boys play while the girls finished their lunch and then we started our very long car trip home. We stopped later that evening at another McDonald's (LOL -- I was sick of their darned food, but the kids really love it...not so healthy, I know). This one is over the road in OK. The boys and Emmy thought it was GREAT! Anyway, it was such a fun trip! Can't wait to visit again!

The boys watching the cars at our table in the McDonald's over the highway in OK.

Daeton eating some leftover fudge in the car after lunch! Yummy!

This is the outside of the cool looking McDonald's in Dallas!

Another pic of the outside!

Dawson on the slide.

It did have a neat Playland! They had tons of tubes inside and they had twinkle lights wrapped around them all. The boys climbed around in their forever and they would stop and knock on the plastic windows and wave at us below.

The girls in our suite before we left Dallas. They are so goofy. I thought it was so adorable how they were holding hands and playing (and they were kind of cheesing it up for the camera, too!). They are going to be best of friends just like their brothers! I love it!

The boys go back to the doc tomorrow for their next rabies vaccination in the series of 5. Please pray that it is much less traumatic on them and that they won't be quite as scared tomorrow. I'll update and let you all know how it goes!

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