Thursday, March 19, 2009

News Flash

I do still have last day TX trip pics to post, but I haven't taken the time to upload those yet to my computer. I promise I'll get on that in the next day or two. We've been a little preoccupied this week so far though. Why, you ask? Well, Monday night, we had company over (fabulous company, might I add....we love you Blackmon/Dubree clan!), and the kiddos were all playing outside. Well, we have this cat that kind of roams our neighborhood now and then. We've seen it in our yard a few times, but never paid much attention to it. Well, my little Daeton (huge animal lover) went over and tried to pick up/play with the cat. The cat ended up scratching his arm like crazy and biting it several times also. At first when he came in crying, I initially only saw the one really really big scratch on his upper arm, it wasn't until later that night when I really pulled up his sleeve that I realized that the cat had really done a number on him. Dawson also said the cat bit him, so I looked at his arm and sure enough, to set of teeth marks on his forearm. At first, I figured it was no big deal. We were cleaning their arms and putting Neosporin on it, but the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. I ended up doing some research online and became very concerned about Cat Scratch Fever among other types of infections and also Rabies since we didn't know whether the cat was up to date on vaccinations. In fact, I literally became so concerned I almost paniced Tuesday night...cried myself to sleep (couldn't imagine my kiddos dealing with something like awful to imagine). So, on Wednesday morning, I ended up taking them to the doctor. Thankfully, the doc was concerned, too (I was afraid he'd think I was crazy for insisting they be seen after the nurse told us on the phone just to clean it really well and it should be fine). The doc said that the bite marks were significant in that they clearly broke the skin. Daeton's scratches were of high concern also in that they could easily become infected. So, the doc started them both on an antibiotic and he highly recommened getting them started on the rabies vacine since we really don't know anything about the cat (yes, we are currently looking for the cat, but we haven't seen it since Monday night). The doc said it was our choice to vacinate for Rabies, but if we didn't, it was like playing Russian Roulette with my kids. Not a chance I am willing to way, no how, not ever...I wanted them to recieve the series of vacinations for sure! So, the doc had to call the hospital on Wed. to get a large enough dose of the rabies vacine sent over to the clinic and we took the boys in yesterday afternoon for their first dose. If you know anything about the vacine, you know that the first dose is also accompanied by something called immune globulin which is injected in or around each wound (or bite mark)....and if you have seen Daeton's arm, you can imagine how many shots that poor baby had to have (we're talking a lot of shots here--I didn't count while they were doing it, I was too busy holding my baby and crying with him). The doc told me it would be painful for them and to bring help. I'm glad I did. Ernie took off work and my mom and my brother helped watch the girls while we took the boys to have their shots. They wanted Dawson to go first and although he only had two bite marks (ended up having 4 shots total, I think) he was terrified. He screamed and cried and screamed some more. They suggested that Ernie take Daeton out of the room during Dawson's injections so it wouldn't scare him (since he was next and it was 10 times worse for him) and Ernie said you could hear Dawson screaming all the way out in the waiting room. Poor little guy. Daeton came in next. Ernie had told him while they were waiting to close his eyes during the shots and think of his fishies. He was so good...he came in and laid down on the table and just closed his eyes. He actually giggled when they were trying to clean his arm. He cried each time they put a needle in, but he calmed down between each shot before the next one. They gave him the actual vacine in his leg and he did scream during that one....I think it really hurt. We felt so bad for the boys. Dawson had soccer practice immediately after we got done at the clinic (and he really wanted to go) and Daeton wanted to go, too, so we all went and after practice we treated the boys to pancakes at IHOP (one of their faves). Then, we took them to Borders and let them each pick out a couple of new books as a treat. All in all, it wasn't the greatest day, but it's done, thank goodness. The vacine/shots haven't seemed to bother Dawson too much, but Daeton has been very sore. He's been limping and holding his leg and he still won't let anyone touch his arm. I've read the vacine can have some pretty strong side effects like nausea, headaches, and soreness....and Daeton says he feels fine, so who knows. Anyway, they have to go back on Saturday and then again every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks to get another shot (thankfully, from now on we're just talking about one shot each time). Anyway, please say a prayer for the boys if you think about it. I have a feeling getting them to go back to the clinic on Saturday for the their next shot is going to be rough! Here's some pictures of Daeton's arm from today. They look like a thousand times better than what his arm looked like on Monday night. It is healing very quickly...Monday his arm looked really TERRIBLE! And lesson learned from all this (and after yesterday, my boys are really understanding) is to never play with stray or strange animals. I'm pretty sure after the four weeks of shots are done, they won't even think of petting any animal but their own ever again!

These pics look so much better than what his arm actually looks! You can't see the little teeth marks all over him. The scrathes also look so so so much better than they did just yesterday. Daeton wouldn't let me take off the two bandaids that you can see in the pic.

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Melody said...

Oh, T, Your poor babies!! I'll be saying prayers for them (and you) as you go through the shots.